Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silly Boy

As all the little boys were running out the door to go play, this little guy couldn't find his shoes. So he frantically looked for whatever he could find so he wouldn't get left out. You would not believe how fast he slipped into these puppies and ran out the door like he was barefoot. They didn't even phase him. We were all sitting on the couch laughing so hard we couldn't help him.
When he came back in from outside he sported them around for a little longer because he got such a big reaction from everyone. Isn't he so stylish? It doesn't help that he has his toe nails painted right now. His daddy didn't LOVE that.

Visit from the Hadfields

My sister and her darling family came for a short visit this weekend. She loves Firehouse Pizzaria so we all decided to go there for lunch.
What a great idea to have kids at one table and adults at the other.
Lunch was delicious. Great idea Jenn!
Look at this cutie! Don't you just want to eat him up? We couldn't get enough of him. Thanks for the fun visit guys. We miss you already!

Happy Birthday Gabe

I can't believe that my oldest child has turned eight years old!!!!! Time sure flies! He is growing up so fast and he is such a fun kid. We love how fun and entertaining he continues to be. There is never a dull moment when Gabe is around. He is getting so excited to be baptized in a few days. The requested cake this year was, as you can tell, a buckeye cake. He was happy with the results.
And what birthday would be complete without a spanking machine from the family?
We surprised Gabe and went to his class with doughnuts, ring pops and balloons. He was sure surprised! He said that his favorite part of the whole day.
He was pretty happy with his new ride. He invited the entire neighborhood over after school for a bike birthday party. It would have been nice if his mother would have known about it. Oh well we all had fun.
Make a wish Gabe. Thanks for being a part of our family! We sure love you buddy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Winter Happenings

These are just a few photos of what we have been doing all winter. We got to enjoy the afternoon with my sister's kids which we absolutely loved because we hardly ever get to see them. We soaked it all up because we all new it would be a while before we got to see them again. We sure miss you guys!!!
We have loved watching little Gabe playing on a Jr. Jazz basketball team. He is number 26 if you couldn't tell. He takes after his dad and just loves sports. He was so proud of this picture so I had to post it.
We got to go to Vegas and visit Jenn and be there for my nephews blessing. He is so darn cute! We had such a fun little getaway from the cold inverted winter in Logan. This was just perfect.
Can you tell that we all LOVED the dessert? We gobbled up the best dessert ever. It was my dad's birthday so we went out to celebrate. This dessert was chosen as the nations best chocolate cake for the last few years. I must say, it deserves the award. It was AWESOME!
We love going ice skating. This cute little ice skating rink is the perfect place to go. The view of the temple behind us is just breathtaking. We LOVE living here!
Spending good quality time at grandma and grandpa's house to enjoy all the fresh snow is a must every year. The snow angels turned out great boys!
We love sledding behind the four-wheeler. It can get pretty crazy at times and there are always a few biffs to a snowbank and a few kids might go flying but as long as we make it home alive, it is a success. Haha!
This is the best of the Christmas photos in front of the Christmas tree. a little goofy but oh well. Gotta love em!

Callin's Birthday

Can you tell these boys love their daddy? He is loved and adored by all of us. We can't get enough of this man. He is the kindest, sweetest, most hard working man and we love every minute we get with him. He just makes life so great for everyone. Hope you had a very happy birthday love.
And of course his birthday won't be complete without the love of HIS life, his precious Mountain Dew. Haha!
And his favorite cake, vanilla with colored chip frosting. He is so predictable.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I accidentally just erased all of my friends and family list. I am so frustrated with this darn blog right now. I hope I can find everyone to put back on but in if your name is not back up shortly please forgive me. I had a very long list and I'm sure I won't remember them all right away.