Monday, January 21, 2008

My masculine hubby

Everyone must check out my brother's blog. Click on Cordie and Michael on my friends and family. Callin made headlines this week. I hope he doesn't kill me.

Hi from Kai

We are so excited to get to come to Idaho this week and have Kai meet his grandma and grandpa's for the first time. He is getting so big so fast that we are happy he gets to meet everyone before he is all grown up. See you in two days!!!

Merry Christmas

This is the Passey rendition of the Nativity. Only we would use baseball bats for canes.

This was one of their favorite gifts. Being able to dress up and shoot each other in the velcrow(sp) vest was "totally awesome" as Gabe and Avery say.

A few Christmas Pictures

we got a little bit of snow right before Christmas and Gabe, Avery and their friend Blake had a blast on the hill behind our house. Well Gabe was having fun for a while.

Me and my friend Mindy made TONS of candy this year. It was so fun and exhausting at the same time. It took us all day but it was well worth it.
We went to see the Christmas lights at the zoo with our friends Jeremy and Erin and their kids. We had fun but our kids were kind of bumbed that they couldn't see any animals. It was so cold that they had the animals put away. The lights were amazing though. We had a great time.

Cozy baby!

I went to Old Navy last week when they were having their huge sale and I found this warm cozy snow suit for Kai. I thought it would be perfect for this freezing cold winter we are having and I thought Kai looked so snuggly and warm in it. Well Callin hates it! He thinks it looks so funny. The only thing he said when he saw it on Kai was, " Don't worry buddy, this too shall pass". I think Kai likes his new winter attire. Don't you?

Kai's twin

You will probably have to enlarge this picture to really see it. The baby in the photo album is Gabe. I was amazed with how much Kai and Gabe look alike. They really look almost identical to me. So for everyone who can't tell who Kai looks like, check out this picture.

Dress up

Gabe and Avery are always dressing up and being whatever their little minds can create. Sometimes they are ninja panishes, other times they are Mr. Binky Bon Snowsers. They have so much fun playing together. I am always very entertained watching them create new superheroes, and as you can see, almost every character is missing their pants. Here are just a few of their creations.

Do they look like their mom or their dad? Vote now!

Gabe's funny

Gabe is a smart boy and always likes to learn what new words mean. He is always asking me the meaning of words he has heard and then he always tries to use his new words in his every day conversations. So the other day we were going somewhere in the car and it was sunny outside, so Gabe and Avery both had to wear their sunglasses (having the sun shine out here is a rare occasion). So while we were driving Gabe and Avery were talking back and forth when Gabe all of a sudden got quite annoyed. "Mom, Avery thinks he's porky with his sunglasses on", Gabe said.
"What? Who's porky" I asked.
"You know mom you taught me that word".
"What are you talking about Gabe, I don't know what you mean".
"You know when someone thinks they are so cool, they are porky".
"Oh Gabe do you mean cocky?"
"Oh ya, Avery always thinks he is so cocky when he wears his sunglasses".
He usually gets the words right but this time he was a little confused. Once Gabe realized that the word was cocky and not porky he then asked what porky meant. I said that sometimes it can mean that you are chubby. Avery thought that was so funny and told Gabe that he was the porky one. Gabe didn't think it was too funny but Avery sure did. We sure had a fun car ride that day.

Making Gingerbread Cookies

Avery had the idea a few nights ago to make gingerbread cookies. He is always thinking of food that sounds good to him and then really wants me to get it for him. Besides Julie, he is the only other person I know, who had food cravings as a child. Anyway, I didn't have the cutout for gingerbread men, so we cut them out with a knife. As you can see they turned out a little deformed but they didn't care. They had a great time.