Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

My mom and dad gave me this beautiful Amaryllis plant to put in a pot and grow myself. Well I planted it less than one month ago and look at what has happened! I just love it! I can't wait to grow paper whites this spring for Easter.
Nothing is more precious than watching your children sleep. My boys love sleeping next to each other. Yes they each have their own room but do you think they like sleeping in their own beds? At what age do your children stop loving being together all the time?
Avery and Kai were so excited to go exploring in the back yard with the newly fallen snow. Yep they're in there somewhere. Haha!
These little mountain men had a fabulous time playing together in the snow. It's too bad that it's too muddy now and I won't let them go out until we have our yard put in. Sorry kids!
Kai fell asleep like this at Grandma's house the other day. Gabe told me he had gotten his feelings hurt and he was pouting. His pout must have quickly turned into a nap. How cute!

Christmas 2010

Showing off the new Christmas p.j.'s. We were all a little excited for Santa to come.
Avery felt bad that no one brought Santa gifts so he decided to write him this beautiful note and leave cookies and milk. This note took him about an hour to create. Didn't it turn out lovely. Santa was sure grateful for the thoughtfulness and he enjoyed the cookies and milk.

Christmas morning was great! I love seeing the excitement on the kids faces when they open up their gifts. I think that children make Christmas magical again just like when we were young.

Happy Winter

So we have finally purchased a home. We are soooooo happy about it and we absolutely love it, but when we bought it we didn't realize how steep the driveway was until we tried to drive up it in the snow. If there is more than half an inch of snow we can't make it up at all. So this is where you will see us almost every day this winter. Don't worry we will also have the strongest muscles in town. Haha!
This is our little Thanksgiving chef. He created a beautiful and delicious feast for all. Thanks Kai!
Thanksgiving night we had a pie baking contest. Callin baked pecan pie. I baked pumpkin turtle cream pie. David baked apple crisp pie and Katie baked chocolate chip banana cream pie. We strolled down to the neighbors house after they were done baking so we could get a fair judgement and let them choose a designated winner. David won hands down. Congrats David! It was so much fun and I think it might become a new tradition. Don't the pies look scrumptious?

Random Pictures to get caught up

Merry Christmas from the Passeys! Oops we didn't get any cards sent out this year. Next year I will do better.
Happy Halloween from the Passeys! Don't they look so happy and excited to go trick-or-treating?
The enthusiasm is overwhelming!!!