Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Pictures

We made spiders one day for a Halloween craft project. We hung them from the dining room chandelier. We made a spider for each member of the family.
This is just how Kai fell asleep the other night. He looks like he is praying really hard. Maybe he is. Haha!
My little Ave is the master of poses. He is always pretending to be someone or something and always talking us into playing his silly games or being a part of his creative play. One time he begged me to be in his marching band and parade around the yard while we played our imaginary musical instruments. I wanted to make my little guy happy so I happily agreed. It wasn't until I was halfway around the back yard when I realized I had half of the neighbors looking out their windows wondering what in the world this crazy lady was doing with her son. I sped the parade up as fast as I could and darted back into the house. Oh well I guess being a mom can sometimes take you out of your comfort zone.
Silly Boys!

He looks like he's up to something. Little stinker thinks he's going to take the car for a little spin.

My baby is so big!

I know I already posted about Kai's birthday but I didn't post any pictures of that day. He loves being a two year old. I just know it.

We had a birthday party with aunts and uncles at night even though some of us were sick with swine flu. I guess it turned into a swine flu party. Oops sorry fam!

Baseball Season

Gabe had such a great time playing on a competitive baseball team this fall. His little team was so fun to watch and they did a really good job.
Callin works Saturdays and that is the day Gabe had his games, so Callin only got to go to a couple of them. We called and texted Callin as much as we could throughout the games so we could keep him posted. It was almost as if he were there himself.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hike in the Hills

Our family loves hiking all summer long. We went exploring on some back roads one day and had a really fun hike. This picture of Gabe and Kai was so cute because Gabe is always taking such good care of Kai. He is such a good big brother and it melts my heart to watch my boys play together and take such good care of each other.
Aren't these boys precious! I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Pizza Night

We had a make-it-yourself pizza night. The kids had a great time. Rolling the dough was a bit of a challenge but we did it.
Putting the toppings on was really fun. They are concentrating really hard on where those pepperoni should go. They didn't want to mess up.
And eating it was by far the best part. Look at those happy kiddos.

Fun Family Run

As many of you know, I love to run. This summer I talked Callin and our boys into running in a family race with me. Callin ran with Gabe and Avery and I pushed Kai in the jogger stroller. Gabe and Avery loved it, and I think Callin did too but he won't admit it. It was too early for him. Haha! They all said that they wanted to do it again next year and I already can't wait. Sorry about the blurry pictures.
Gosh it sure is early. Look it is still dark outside. Crazy people!