Monday, September 7, 2009

We are finally open!!!!

This is Callin's new Optometry practice. It is called Healthy Eyes of Cache Valley and it is located in Smithfield. This is the waiting area and the optical center.

This is the exam room. We had a friend who is an amazing artist paint these pictures on the wall. Didn't she do a fabulous job?
Here is the front of the building. Doesn't it look nice? We are so excited to be here and love all the good people that we have met here. If you live close to the area and haven't had your yearly eye exam, come by. Callin would love to see you. The phone number is 435-563-2020.

What a fun Summer!!!!

We had such a fun and exciting summer this year! I have been too busy to post anything so here are some of the memories we have made:
- Moving to Logan and starting up Callin's Optometry practice
- Having Kim's family and Michael's family here all summer
- David's wedding
- Bear Lake
- Bloomington Lake
- Wind Caves
- Tony Grove
- Half Marathon
- Family Run
- Fishing
- Huckleberry Picking
I am sad that summer is over and it is starting to cool down, but I love the changing of seasons. I can't wait to get my fall candle out and starting making hot wintry foods like chicken pot pie and peach cobbler. I love that there is always something to look forward to.