Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Memorable Night

The other night we went to Gabe and Avery's Christmas concert at school. They did an excellent job and we were such proud parents. Then we decided to go see the Christmas lights around town.
The lights were beautiful and we found some really interesting scenes like an entire mountainside filled with glowing palm trees. Here is just one in the nativity. We had a really fun night together and when we came home we were all exhausted. Gabe had fallen asleep on the way home so we just put him in bed. We told the Avery and Kai to get ready for bed and we would come tuck them in shortly. Well they went upstairs and we didn't hear anything for a really long time, so we just assumed that they were into some kind of mischief. When I came upstairs ready to scold them this is what I found........
Ahhhhh what sweet little children! My heart melted as I watched those precious little boys sleeping so peacefully. I can't think of anything that brings me more joy than to be a mother. And it's moment's like this that make it all worth it.

More Weekend Fun!

We all fought over beautiful baby Isla all weekend long. She is the cutest darn thing! Kai absolutely loved her.
Whenever my family gets together, the girls enjoy doing crafts together. This time we decided to make these delicious smelling pomanders. They are oranges with cloves stuck in them in beautiful designs.
The little kids got tangerines and boy did they have just as much fun as the ladies. What a great project for all ages.
And here is the finished project. Not only are they a fun decoration for the table but they smell oh so good!


We were lucky enough this year to have two Thanksgiving dinners in one day. We first had this delicious meal at my parent's house. For dinner we got to go to Callin's parent's house. Both meals were amazing and I only feel bad that I forgot to take my camera into Callin's house for some photos.
We all worked together to prepare the food. I think the best part about Thanksgiving is that we get to just hang out with family all day long. The food is awesome too but I absolutely love our families and they melt my little heart when we get to enjoy an entire day together.