Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Winter

So we have finally purchased a home. We are soooooo happy about it and we absolutely love it, but when we bought it we didn't realize how steep the driveway was until we tried to drive up it in the snow. If there is more than half an inch of snow we can't make it up at all. So this is where you will see us almost every day this winter. Don't worry we will also have the strongest muscles in town. Haha!
This is our little Thanksgiving chef. He created a beautiful and delicious feast for all. Thanks Kai!
Thanksgiving night we had a pie baking contest. Callin baked pecan pie. I baked pumpkin turtle cream pie. David baked apple crisp pie and Katie baked chocolate chip banana cream pie. We strolled down to the neighbors house after they were done baking so we could get a fair judgement and let them choose a designated winner. David won hands down. Congrats David! It was so much fun and I think it might become a new tradition. Don't the pies look scrumptious?


cheeks said...

Hey Tricia!! It's so fun to see an update of your cute family! you're boys are looking so old....kai was a little chunky baby when we saw you last :( I didn't know you were expecting, congrats!! When are you due? Do you know what you're having? Congrats on the home, and sorry about the driveway! ha! Sounds like the next big purchase should be a snowblower :) -jami-

Cordie said...

I totally would have won the pie contest!