Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Newest Idaho State Senator

There was recently an open seat in District 31 of the Idaho State Senate. My dad was nominated and chosen by Governor Butch Otter to fill the seat. He is very happy to be back up in Boise and enjoying this session with my little sister Natalie who is an intern to the Governor this year. I am so proud of both of them and can't wait to come visit. Congrats dad!


Gazdik Family said...

Holy cow!! I knew you came from a good looking family, but they are ambitious as well!!
You look as sexy as ever being fully preganant!!


Can I just say how freaking EXCITED im am that you posted something NEW on your blog!!!!(and YES I know, I still haven't posted anythig new on mine, BUT I think about it that should count for something-right?) I too am EXCITED that your dad was chosen because now you get to come visit ME!!!! YEAH!!!! And of course you look FABULOUS (even pregnant!)... YOUR TRICIA PASSEY!!!! I have only one REQUEST...and that is, post some pics of your NEW house! I've only been able to see the fire place & mantle and a set of kitchen cabinents!!!!...I'll being waiting for some pics and for the Passey's visit! :)