Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays

We have been celebrating birthdays around here. I had mine in April and it was perfect. I enjoyed a day of phone calls, breakfast in bed, Sushi for lunch, visiting with family, beautiful flowers from my sweetie and ice cream cake from coldstone. It could not have been any better. Thanks everyone for making me feel so special.

David and Katie went out for Sushi with us. They are our Sushi buddies. Thanks guys!

Gabe turned nine at the end of March. He is such a great kid! Callin and I surprised him and took him out for lunch to where ever he chose. He chose The Olive Garden. Then we took him to buy some new shoes. He thought it was a great surprise and we enjoyed spending a little time with just him. He made us laugh the whole time. Love you Gabe, hope you had a wonderful day!
Every year I let my kids choose what kind of cake they want me to make. I am definitely not a pro and don't care to be but it is always fun to see what they come up with. Gabe chose a sky view cake for the High School team here. He thought it turned out great so that's all that matters right?

Callin's birthday is at the beginning of March. We had a little surprise party for him a few days early because he and I were going to be gone on his birthday. The boys had fun giving him gifts and he was shocked because he never expected to have a party before his birthday. Love you cutie! Happy Birthday!

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Cordie said...

So many birthdays! I just LOVE your family!